Here comes the monthly contest again by MOM Bloggers Planet.
So exciting & so funnnn!!! Well this would be my first entry to MOM Bloggers Planet Contest! Wish me luck!! He he he
As for this month the theme is
Cutest Baby with TOYS!!

Luckily I have one which suite with the theme of this month! we go!! :D

Name :
Dania Aliesya Roshadlisham
1st Sept 2007 ( 1 year & 11 months)
Photo Taken :
5th March 2009 (5 Months ago)

About her favourites toys :
This toys is one of Dania's favourite toys so called Tina The Tiger. Tina is one of the great products from well known educational toys maker - LAMAZE. Dania loves this toys very much espeacially the excitement when she pull Tina's tail - it will vibrates and Dania will laugh and laugh with so much fun! Besides, Tina is not only cute but also features clinking rings and knotted tail to encourage tactile stimulation and futhermore the bright colors patterns help to stimulate visual development. As a parent, I love everything with flexibility and yes, Tina comes with portable clip so I can simply attach it everywhere (Stroller, in the car, shopping trolley, etc ), anytime for on the go & optimum fun!

My opinion about the usage of TOYS in early childhood learning
Research shows that 70% of human brain is build in the first 2 years of early childhood. Therefore it is very important to stimulate child's brain and by encourage them to play with educational toys can increase development of new learning skills which helps later in adulthood with quicker adapting skills. For me, there is no limitation and boundaries for children's brain to learn & adapt anything of course with proper guidance.
The more & fun we expose, the eager and faster they learn..!! :D


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